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White Magic Tarot Spell Cards are a full 78 card tarot deck, with suggested uses for spells that correspond with the card printed on each.  The cards are traditional tarot size made from sturdy card stock with a linen finish, and cut with rounded corners.  The 3rd edition features a lovely French vintage back design. Decks are nowpurchased from and shipped directly from the printer/distributor.  

The purpose of White Magic is to help, to heal and to protect yourself and others.  White magic is good and selfless.  White Magic does not curse, hex or wish harm on anyone or anything. White Magic does not negate free will. White Magic works with an energy source to bring about change for the spell caster.   You will find each of these tarot cards charged with a spell that corresponds to that card.  You may use these cards in any fashion you choose; add them to your ritual or try the suggestions below. 

These cards were created by Jill Scott, who is also the creator of the Peaceful Path Tarot and the Colors of Childhood Lenormand. She is also a professional tarot reader, a teacher and Mass Tarot Society member. You may contact Jill at,  or on Facebook.


Your White Magic Tarot Spell Cards are not magical in and of themselves. They need to be used within a spell to become activated by the energy you create.  You can of course, create your own ways to raise energy, focus and activate your spells, or you can follow a few of the suggestions below.  I do suggest that each spell have the following basic elements:  

  1. Your White Magic Spell Cards, choose one or combine multiple cards.

  2. A source of energy which will act as the psychic “battery” for your spell

  3. A focal point. This would be yourself or another person or situation, at which the spell  is being directed.

  4. Something to represent the goal of your spell. When this goal is combined with your White Magic Tarot Card(s) it becomes the source of your power, or your “intention”.  Spell work done without clear and direct intentions is often weak and unlikely to reach its intended place.  The easiest way to represent your goal is to write it (and who it’s for) on a small piece of paper, and gently tie it to your spell card or cards, or place it with them inside the spell bag, leaving the rest of the deck aside.  Binding, or tying things together, is very powerful old magic.

Here are some suggestions for activating your spells:

Smoke & Wax Spell:  This is a very simple mystic spell.  Choose your spell cards. Write your goal and subject on a bit of paper. Place your cards face down in a pile. Place the paper on top. Light your white candle while holding on it side. Hold above the piece of paper and speak your goal out loud three times as you let a few drops of wax fall onto the paper. Whisper “so mote it be” and blow out your candle, letting the smoke carry your spell to the universe.

Moon Magic Spell: On a night when the moon is entirely full, choose your spell cards.  Place them in the spell bag with a small bit of paper on which your goal is written. Place a rock or crystal of your choosing in the bag as well.  Leave beside a window where moonlight falls (not outdoors).  Say your intentions three times before you fall asleep that night, and in the morning when you open the bag whisper “so mote it be”, to complete the spell.

Storm Magic: Storms and winds are a fantastic energy source, even when they are passive. Choose your spell cards. Bind them, and a small bit of paper with your goal or subject,  to a tree branch brought indoors. The branch is the connection to the natural word and the conduit to the weather event in a symbolic fashion. Place them near a closed window and speak your intention three times. Leave them until the weather stabilizes. Before removing them, close your spell by saying “So mote it be”.

Poetry Power Spell:  Choose your spell cards, and set them on your altar, or just in front of you as you work. Compose and recite a few lines of rhyming poetry that include the goal or subject of your spell.  Repeat the poem three times through. Then turn each card face down, place your hand upon it and say “So mote it be”.

Here are some spells that are activated by the elements of water, air, earth and fire:

Ocean Energy Spell:  This is a great spell to either send energy out or draw it in to you. Choose your cards and place them upright in a bowl of sand brought from the ocean. Also place stones and/or shells around your cards. Keep a stone in the palm of your hand. Place a third stone in a glass of plain, purified water, and place the glass of water beside the bowl.  Close your eyes and think about your goal and your subject. Envision your goal written in the sand. Now envision the waves crashing over the words and washing them away.  Repeat this visualization three times.  Take a deep breath and open your eyes. Drink the glass of water.  State “So mote it be” to close the spell.

Breath Spell:  This spell is specifically to draw energy to yourself, when you are in need of healing, spiritual guidance, or enlightenment on a matter.  Choose a card and bind it to your wrists with the face of the card in contact with your skin. You can do a card on each wrist if you choose (you might need some help tying them on). If you can't bind the cards, simply hold them in your hands.  Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place. Do not play music. Close your eyes and envision your goal taking place. While you do this, inhale and exhale slowly 15 times.  Repeat the visualization and breathing sequence 3 times (3 sets of 15).   Take a final deep breath and as you blow it out, visualize the entire scene blowing away in the wind.  Open your eyes and state “so mote it be” as you unbind your cards to close the spell.

Garden Spell: This spell works with the element of Earth.  Time this spell to co-incide with a New or “dark” moon.  Be sure there is no rain forecasted.  Choose your cards and write your intention on a bit a paper. Seal them together in a zipper-lock plastic bag, with a crystal or stone of your choice. Bury this bag (shallow) in the center of your garden or property. If you are in an apartment you can use a flower pot of soil.  Draw a protective circle in the dirt or with salt above your buried cards.  Leave them buried overnight. As you go to sleep, envision the cards growing roots, and these roots spreading deep into the earth to draw up the nutrients (energy) that your spell requires. In the morning dig up the spell bag and as you dust off the dirt, state “so mote it be”.

Campfire Spell:  On a clear night light a small campfire.  Draw a circle around your fire  and working space with salt or in the dirt. Create a simple altar on one side of the fire, at a safe distance so as not to be burnt. Prop up the cards you have chosen on the altar with white stones.   Write your goal on a bit of paper.  Sit on the opposite side of the fire from your altar, so that you must look through the flames to see the cards. Concentrate on your goal while you notice how the fire manipulates the images on the cards, changing them, distorting them, making them look as if they are alive.  After a few minutes, take a deep breath in and blow it out as you set your bit of paper with your goal into the fire to burn.  Let the fire burn down. As you pour water over the coals and hear them hiss,  state “so mote it be” to close your spell.

*Always create a protective  circle around your ritual space when working outdoors, to prevent your magic from being intercepted or distorted by spiritual elements that share the environment.  Drawing a circle keeps your magic safe and pure. Its not really necessary (my opinion) to do this indoors, unless you know or suspect there is spiritual activity in the house. Registered & Protected